Airwavz Is The Antidote For The “Filter Bubble”

A question I get asked fairly often is “How is your headline and breaking news service related to your Quarterback TV antenna hardware? Why did your startup create a complex news aggregation platform, and a TV antenna?

Ok, the question is: “How is this Quarterback TV Antenna…”

TV antenna
Quarterback is the world’s first all-in-one portable TV antenna for your smartphone or tablet.






…”Related to the news aggregation site?” filter is a news aggregation service, and lets you filter for news related to key words


The answer is that is pragmatic and idealistic about global news. We are idealistic about promoting and protecting freedom of speech with courteous, fact-based, objective journalism on the web, and on TV.  On the pragmatic side, we designed a unique digital newsline and portable television antenna that provide unfettered access to what is happening right now. 

“Filter bubble” was a term created by Eli Pariser that explains how your world view is edited through personalized search, and how websites use learning algorithms to selectively guess what information you want to see, as opposed to information you should see.

At we know people enjoy customized news, but in support of free speech we also want to serve you news that includes uncommon, worldwide, unbiased, revealing and objective events that allow you to make up your own mind. is “News you can use“.  Our Quarterback TV antenna gives you instant access to news, entertainment, sports and weather, and our newsline gives you instant access to time sensitive global news that is curated and federated.

Here are some statistics from our newsline that showcase a small part of the overall value proposition:

As of October 17, 2016, these are news events that we have quantified and qualified:

  1. Unique news stories recorded = 220,308
  2. Unique publishers (domains)  = 8,929
  3. Unique journalists                    = 29,816

We encourage you to register on (it’s free) and use all of our free tools.  You can read the news later, tag the news so more stories like it will appear in your private reading list.  Or, you can give the news story a thumbs up or down, which we track as reader sentiment. – doing our part to burst the Filter Bubble.




Author: Bonnie Beeman

Bonnie Beeman is CEO & Founder of, a Seattle based startup with a full-service multimedia platform in hardware, web, mobile and broadcast TV consumer solutions. Bonnie is the inventor of “QuarterBack©”, the first patented flagship digital TV antenna and tuner accessory in the portfolio.