Advocates for NextGen TV is in the business of making Over-The-Air (OTA) broadcast television instantly accessible to people who own smartphones tablets and laptops.  We are actively developing a portfolio of hybrid ATSC 1.0 and 3.0 end-user devices for North America, and our flagship mobile DTV product is Quarterback, that works on any global digital TV standard. 

Quarterback solves the technical challenges and political obstacles of integrating digital TV antennas and receivers into mobile devices.  Our aim is to enable broadcast television on mobiles quickly, easily and affordably.  Customers tell us they are delighted to discover dozens of hidden TV channels with great video content, without needing a subscription – and that the quality of digital TV on a smartphone is truly impressive.      NextGen_TV_v2

Last week, an important political, and technical debate erupted about whether the FCC should mandate the integration of ATSC 3.0 receivers into mobile devices.  Major stakeholders from every industry came forward to establish their legitimate position on FCC Docket 16-142, giving the public a rare opportunity to read hard-hitting technical facts, interpret political motivation, and understand the long-term ramifications. 

We too, read the comments and letters to FCC Docket 16-142 with enthusiastic curiosity, and our takeaway is that remains committed to being the inveterate bridge between television broadcasters, network infrastructure and wireless carriers.   We take the consumers best interest in this debate, which appears to be an “outside” vs. “inside” solution.  In other words, consumers want access to OTA digital TV and they don’t care how they get it, as long as the solution is easy, affordable and works as expected.  

The most efficient and logical path to growing ATSC 3.0 mobile adoption is designing and building an intelligent roadmap of “inside and outside” end-user devices, deployed over time and focused on giving consumers the best possible TV experience.

While television broadcasters are undertaking extraordinary business and financial measures to decide when (and if) they will upgrade from ATSC 1.0 to ATSC 3.0, they are also working hard to expedite the spectrum repack and financing the necessary SFN national build plan.  Because this work has a tremendous impact on the quality and availability of ATSC 3.0 for mobiles, the comments made to FCC Docket 16-142 by Nokia, T-Mobile, Motorola and Ericsson are technically accurate and fiscally sound. 

gold rushATSC 3.0 is the new gold rush.  Right now there is ample opportunity to invest in every facet of the ATSC 3.0 eco-system and broadcast television’s unparalleled coverage and capacity.   Quarterback hybrid ATSC 1.0 and 3.0 receivers give consumers the best of both TV and wireless in a quick, easy, affordable solution. Welcomes New Chief Strategy Officer is extremely pleased to announce the addition of media and technology veteran Leonard M. Fertig to its team as: Chief Strategy Officer & Advisor – a key role focused on helping Airwavz achieve its first round financing needs and rapid expansion.

Len will focus on developing a pipeline of investors, partners, distributors and vendors for the Seattle-based startup, and formalize a go-to-market strategy for advancing Quarterback®, a unique digital TV antenna, receiver and tuner for domestic and international broadcast TV markets. Len will serve as executive outreach and business development negotiator, with the title Chief Strategic Officer and Board-Advisor.

Len Fertig has an impressive career in the broadcast industry spanning 35+ years, during which he has founded and developed a multitude of public and private businesses. Most recently, Len is a mentor to several startups, helping them strategize their businesses, raise capital and grow operations.

From 2008 until 2016, Len was co-founder and CEO of Motive Television, a PLC based in London and a technology developer for the international television business. Motive Television developed the concept and technology for TabletTV in the UK, and rapidly expanded their launch in the USA in 2014. Prior to Len’s CEO roles at Tablet TV and Motive Television, Len spearheaded the turnaround of a Nasdaq-listed e-learning company from 2004-2007, and co-founded an online trading platform for content rights.

During the 1990’s Len Co-founded and was CEO of Central European Media Ltd, (Nasdaq CETV). Len built CETV from a startup to a billion-dollar market value. During the 1980’s he was an advisor and partner to cable entrepreneurs and helped create what became Arts and Entertainment as well as co-founding RequesTV, the first on-demand TV in the USA. Earlier in his career, Len was an airline executive and consultant who invented the first airline miles program for American Airlines. is a Seattle based startup at the forefront of designing, building and commercializing NextGen TV mobile digital TV antennas for domestic and international broadcast TV markets. Quarterback® is the company’s first award-winning, patented, digital TV antenna for smartphones and tablets, coming soon to the USA.


CES_2017_Innovation_Honoree_Award Revolutionary Quarterback® TV antenna named CES 2017 Innovation Award Honoree 

Why pay for TV when you don’t have to? is delighted to announce that they have been awarded the prestigious CES 2017 Innovation Honoree Award in the category of Wireless Handset Accessory.  Innovation Awards are sponsored by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™, the producer of CES 2017 – the global gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies, and have been recognizing achievements in product design and engineering since 1976.

Quarterback was evaluated and selected for it’s engineering, aesthetic and design qualities, intended use/function and user value, unique/novel features present, and how the design and innovation of Quarterback directly compares to other products in the marketplace.

Quarterback® is the world’s first all-in-one digital TV antenna & receiver that instantly turns your smartphone or tablet into a TV.  Quarterback’s patented design picks up free TV wherever television is broadcast.  No SIM card needed, and consumers will be delighted to find dozens of hidden TV broadcast channels available without any subscription needed.

front_greenback_greenQuarterback pays for itself with these must-have features:
  • Fresh, Fast, and Free TV, all day, every day
  • Lifeline to broadcast television in the event of an emergency when cellular is off the air
  • Luxury TV integration into the case means no extra accessories
  • Long-life battery extends TV and mobile viewing time
  • Adjustable folding kickstand allows easy hands-free TV and video viewing
  • Location-aware TV app eliminates frustrating and time consuming channel scanning
  • Scientific antenna breakthrough that works even in close proximity to LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC antennas
  • Global design easily supports variants for international DTV markets including: ATSC, ISDB, DVB-T2, and DTMB.
  • Future-proof and compatible with ATSC 3.0 upcoming digital TV standard
  • FM radio antenna
  • Pass through charging means easy operation and no additional charger required
  • Easy ON/OFF button for instant access to TV and battery
  • DVR on board

“The entire team at sincerely appreciates the CTA for recognizing Quarterback® as an innovative and revolutionary hardware solution for the global broadcast TV market.  This CTA award distinguishes as a leader in designing, building and commercializing next-generation portable digital TV antennas.  We look forward to launching Quarterback® in North America in 2017, and supplying our luxury mobile DTV antennas internationally and abroad.  

~Bonnie Beeman, CEO & Founder”    

Quarterback® innovative DTV antenna will be available for hands-on product demonstrations for journalists and the public at CES 2017, January 5 to 9, Las Vegas, Nevada.  To request a live demo please contact Bonnie Beeman for an appointment at:  Demonstrations will showcase the television quality, channel access, UI, DVR capability and TV plus social networking integration. plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign very soon.  If you would like to join our Quarterback mailing list, you can sign up here

Quarterback is now featured on the CES 2017 Innovation Honoree Awards site at:

Thank you CES and CTA!  See all of you at the show, and in the meantime you can see unbiased, ad-free, international headline and breaking news on


Airwavz Is The Antidote For The “Filter Bubble”

A question I get asked fairly often is “How is your headline and breaking news service related to your Quarterback TV antenna hardware? Why did your startup create a complex news aggregation platform, and a TV antenna?

Ok, the question is: “How is this Quarterback TV Antenna…”

TV antenna
Quarterback is the world’s first all-in-one portable TV antenna for your smartphone or tablet.






…”Related to the news aggregation site?” filter is a news aggregation service, and lets you filter for news related to key words


The answer is that is pragmatic and idealistic about global news. We are idealistic about promoting and protecting freedom of speech with courteous, fact-based, objective journalism on the web, and on TV.  On the pragmatic side, we designed a unique digital newsline and portable television antenna that provide unfettered access to what is happening right now. 

“Filter bubble” was a term created by Eli Pariser that explains how your world view is edited through personalized search, and how websites use learning algorithms to selectively guess what information you want to see, as opposed to information you should see.

At we know people enjoy customized news, but in support of free speech we also want to serve you news that includes uncommon, worldwide, unbiased, revealing and objective events that allow you to make up your own mind. is “News you can use“.  Our Quarterback TV antenna gives you instant access to news, entertainment, sports and weather, and our newsline gives you instant access to time sensitive global news that is curated and federated.

Here are some statistics from our newsline that showcase a small part of the overall value proposition:

As of October 17, 2016, these are news events that we have quantified and qualified:

  1. Unique news stories recorded = 220,308
  2. Unique publishers (domains)  = 8,929
  3. Unique journalists                    = 29,816

We encourage you to register on (it’s free) and use all of our free tools.  You can read the news later, tag the news so more stories like it will appear in your private reading list.  Or, you can give the news story a thumbs up or down, which we track as reader sentiment. – doing our part to burst the Filter Bubble.




Demystifying the Quarterback TV Antenna reached another milestone this week by unleashing Quarterback™ out on the innerweb.   You read that right – the innerweb.  What is Quarterback?  Why did we make it?  How does it work? How will it help you?

Let’s start with “What is Quarterback”?

Quarterback™ is a high tech smartphone case with a built in TV antenna that turns your smartphone into an instant television set.  It is also a luxury protective cover with a built-in DVR, and an easy ON/OFF button for quick access to ATSC TV, and auxiliary battery.

Why did you make Quarterback?


  • Wireless consumers are fed up paying for content x3.  How so?  To get premium wireless data content on your mobile you must:

1) Pay for all-you-can-eat data plan(s)
2) Pay for access to the app that manages the licensed content
3) Subsidize the invisible, duplicate, incessant malware bots, tracking cookies and click-bait advertising offered up by “freeware” sites.   

  • Citizens demand easy mobile access to TV programming that is already broadcast for free over the public airwaves
  • Valuable TV commercial airtime is purchased by our local retail stores and merchants, which are run by friends, family, and members of our community.    
  • All you need to pick up free TV is the right size antenna
  • High definition digital television quality is stunning and instantly captures your attention and imagination.
  • 80% of adult Americans rely on broadcast TV for breaking news, which are events that warrant the interruption of scheduled programming
  • We are the taxpayers subsidizing PBS programming – shouldn’t we be able to watch it whenever, wherever?

How does Quarterback work?

Television Broadcasters send TV signals for free over the air in a digital format, which allows Quarterback users to receive the TV signals on your very own private TV antenna without any monthly bills.

Ok, the Quarterback hardware is a lot more complicated, but you get the gist.   We’ll have tech specs in our FAQ soon.

How will Quarterback help me, and what is the real value?

+ Protects your smartphone in a unique, luxury styled case

+ Added battery capacity for double the TV viewing and extra smartphone      power

+ High definition TV picture quality

+ Does not need a subscription – in fact no SIM card is needed

+ You will discover dozens of TV channels that you didn’t even know              existed

+ Kickstand for upright viewing.  Look Ma, no hands!

+ Easy TV and Battery ON/OFF key

+ 90% of the most popular TV shows are available on free clear-to-air TV


+ Quarterback is a lifeline to communication when cellular and WiFi are        down.

We encourage you to Sign Up on Quarterback, so we can keep you posted when our crowdfunding campaign goes live (very soon).   In the meantime, check out the headlines breaking over on


At the NAB Show, Airwavz.TV demonstrated the “Quarterback”

This excerpt courtesy of Doug Lung, VP Broadcast Technologies NBC/Telemundo for TV Technology June edition 2016

Doug Lung authored an outstanding article about ATSC 3.0 for the June edition of TV Technology that starts on the cover of the magazine.  It’s a must-read for anyone working on the new digital TV standards. Doug has a keen eye, and the foresight to mention new Quarterback DTV ATSC 1.0 antenna.  Doug, thanks for the plug, and we are actively building our ATSC 3.0 version – so stay tuned!

pg. 32

…I noticed Bonnie Beeman of Airwavz. TV in the ATSC 3.0 Consumer Experience walking around with a smartphone that was receiving TV (Fig. 3). The Android smartphone’s case (called the “Quarterback”) included a battery, an ATSC receiver, and a unique fold out antenna on the back of the case. Unfortunately, it was receiving an ATSC 1 signal from KBLR, not one of the ATSC 3.0 transmissions. Seattle-based Airwavz. TV wants to create an ATSC 3.0 version and Beeman explained that it would be a valuable way to deliver information in emergencies, when cell sites are often jammed or fail. The ATSC 3.0 robust bootstrap has two bits for emergency alerting that can be used to wake up cell phones or TVs when new or updated emergency information is available.

Fig. 3: At the NAB Show, Airwavz.TV demonstrated the “Quarterback,” an Android smartphone case that includes a battery, ATSC receiver and a unique fold-out antenna.

The pace of activity in the first five months of 2016 is an indication ATSC 3.0 is off to a good start. It isn’t too soon to start thinking about what changes might be needed at the transmitter site for ATSC 3.0. More on that next month.

Doug Lung is vice president of Broadcast Technology, NBC/Telemundo stations. He welcomes your comments and questions. Email him at Announces Quarterback DTV Antenna June 2016

Courtesy of Tom Butts, Editor in Chief TV Technology  

SEATTLE—Bonnie Beeman and John Casey, two industry veterans with a history of developing new technology for over-the-air DTV, recently formed “,” which they describe as a “full-service multimedia platform” offering solutions for web, hardware, mobile and DTV. Beeman and Casey recently debuted the company’s first hardware product, called “Quarterback,” an Android smartphone case that doubles as an ATSC receiver, at the NAB Show and last month’s annual ATSC meeting in Washington, D.C.

XXX CEO Bonnie Beeman demonstrated the Quarterback smartphone antenna at the annual ATSC meeting in Washington D.C. in May.

TV Technology recently talked with Beeman on the development of the Quarterback and her company’s philosophy on the future of over-the-air broadcast television in the U.S.

TV TECHNOLOGY: What inspired you to develop Quarterback?

BEEMAN: Not having a wireless connection during life and death events was my inspiration for creating Quarterback. Between 2012 and 2014, I was commuting between Seattle and Cambridge to finish grad school at MIT, and there happened to be three catastrophic events that hit the Boston area while I was in town: Hurricane Sandy, Storm Nemo and the Boston Marathon bombings. During each of these disasters, local cellular service was taken out of commission for an extended period of time.

During these emergencies, television broadcast never went off-air, and I started thinking that since my smartphone still had battery, and a high-resolution screen, how could I harness the reach of broadcast television on my mobile? I came up with the idea for Quarterback during grad school, and decided to quit my job, launch a startup and build this portable TV antenna, so when critical events were unfolding, I would have a safety lifeline to live TV news coverage while I was traveling.

The name “Quarterback” was inspired from the need to prop up my smartphone on a table, so I could watch TV at an angle without holding it. In my first design, there was no room for a kickstand on the back because the battery was so big, so I cut a horizontal slot in the bottom big enough for a quarter to hold the device up at an angle. I figured most people have a quarter in their pocket, and it was my solution for a poor-man’s kickstand. Then a lightbulb went off that we would name it “Quarterback,” which was a play on words, given that NFL is the single most-watched TV programming in the US.

TVT: How long did it take to develop it?

BEEMAN: Three years. First, I had to focus on how to solve the complicated RF technical issues, and then I tackled the construction/usability of the form factor. Our first “Frankenstein” working Quarterback prototype came to life on April 5, 2016, and we are now in the process of beginning manufacturing. I filed the original utility and design patents for Quarterback in May 2013, and am delighted to share that our first design patent was granted in May 2016. We also have a utility patent-pending.

TVT: What were some of the barriers/challenges to developing it?

BEEMAN: The biggest challenge by far, was proving my theory that the Quarterback form factor solved these five major user problems: 1) How to fit and position a very large TV antenna directly next to a smartphone LTE antenna and ensure that both services will work in parallel. 2) Keep TV always on (even in sleep mode), so Advanced Warning and Response Network (AWARN) messages over broadcast TV will be received. 3) Hardware must be luxury low-profile, premium-grade and attractive to consumers. 4) Set the user expectations up front that Quarterback TV channel access and quality is “acceptable” on the ATSC 1.0 network, and retrofitted for ATSC 3.0. 5) Design Quarterback as a global digital TV accessory.

TVT: Who, among retailers and/or carriers has expressed interest?

BEEMAN: We have had discussions with Tier-1 wireless carriers, and TV broadcasters from the U.S. and different countries, but I am not at liberty to reveal names yet. Hopefully in the near future, we’ll announce one or more strategic partnerships. We envision Quarterback to be the hardware bridge between wireless carriers, cable operators, content providers and TV broadcasters. We’ve solved the hard science of how to get TV to a mobile audience, and there are an unlimited number of use-cases for Quarterback to extend TV capacity and reach all over the world.

TVT: What is the cost and when will it be available?

BEEMAN: We are planning to ship our first “Limited Edition” Quarterback in Q1 2017. Our website will have pre-sales available for purchase online in Q3 2016. First-come buyers will get a great 25 percent discount, and we’ll have lots of options for deeper discounts if people buy higher quantity, refer friends and share on social media. The early adopter price of Quarterback will be revealed in Q3 on our website, so we encourage people to sign up on so we can let you know when Quarterback goes on sale.

The Quarterback smartphone case includes a battery, ATSC receiver, and a unique fold out antenna.

TVT: Will this be able to pick up other signals beyond ATSC 1 and ATSC 3?

BEEMAN: Yes, Quarterback is designed for both ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 but the real value-add is that Quarterback is designed to support all global TV technologies: ISDB, DVB, DVB-T2, DMB-T, ADTB-T, TiMi 3 and DTMB, and we are preparing to take pre-orders for international clients. Like any TV antenna, coverage varies depending on location and terrain, but we are encouraged that our early field and laboratory testing shows Quarterback has TV channel access to the full UHF band, and some VHF.

TVT: Have you done any market surveys on this type of product?

BEEMAN: Yes, I’ve done peer surveys and market research on Quarterback at MIT, and within the angel investing community I’m actively involved with in Seattle. Early user feedback is that people see the immediate value in being able to view high-definition, exceptionally clear, live over-the-air free digital TV on their smartphones without any subscription fees. There is “pent-up demand” for Quarterback, because it does not impact a user’s wireless data plan, and the auxiliary battery, on-board DVR, front facing hard key are an added bonus.

Broadcasters recognize that has been able to solve the deep technical issues of retrofitting very large TV antennas to fit premium grade smartphones and extend the reach of TV to a mobile audience. Wireless carriers understand the value in bundling smartphones with a luxury accessory that offloads their congested networks, and delivers the same high quality digital TV service to millions of subscribers simultaneously within net neutrality rules.

TVT: How much weight does it add to the device?

BEEMAN: Quarterback weighs approximately 6 ounces, mostly attributed to our auxiliary battery

TVT: In terms of percentage, how much more of a “footprint” (overall size) does this add to the smartphone?

BEEMAN: We’ve designed Quarterback as a luxury smartphone accessory that is low profile, and fits the same premium look and feel as the beautiful smartphones they protect. Quarterback adds roughly the same dimensions as other premium smartphone covers. Exact dimensions will be posted on our online store, so we encourage people to sign up in advance to get notified:    

TVT: Will you make a tablet version?

BEEMAN: Yes, absolutely.    

TVT: Is this available for both iOS and Android phones?

BEEMAN: Yes. We’ll release an Android version first, and then iOS.

TVT: On your website,, you take very clear positions on spectrum and other broadcast issues. Please explain how this forms your company’s philosophy and way of doing business.

BEEMAN: What citizens around the world don’t know is that television is an unparalleled, ultra-broadband wireless network that is capable of delivering high-definition digital TV hundreds of miles away, and serves millions of subscribers simultaneously. Television is the epitome of the most influential social network in the world, because it can reach millions of people tuned in at the same time, with the same message, and serve as a life-line to mission-critical information.

Citizens also need to know that wireless data service is increasingly more expensive, because it is overloaded with click-bait advertising, malware, tracking bots, web crawlers and widgets. Conversely, television is a closed, controlled, protected and trusted wireless downlink that provides grade-A digital video quality, with a straight-forward advertising based revenue model.

TV is free clear-to-air, broadcast every day, all day, around the world, and all you need to pick up the TV signal is an antenna–like Quarterback. philosophy is simple: We create instant, easy access to mission-critical headline and breaking news that is simulcast over digital media, web, mobile and live television broadcast networks. We hold television broadcasters and wireless carriers in high regard, and see Quarterback as a bridge for citizens around the world to have an “always on” TV lifeline on their smartphones.

5 Secrets About TV that Wireless Carriers Don’t Want you to Know

The following is a Public Service Message to all Television Broadcasters:  


Now that we have your attention, please allow me to explain.

This week, the FCC incentive auctions kicked off.  The reverse incentive auctions are intended to COERCE Television Broadcasters to sell their crucial UHF spectrum back to the FCC, so that wireless carriers can buy this TV spectrum, and then MONETIZE what used to be free clear-to-air public TV.

What TV Broadcasters need to know, is that your TV spectrum is seriously undervalued.  What you may not know (yet) is that portable digital TV antennas can double, even triple your spectrum valuation.   We estimate that TV spectrum is 300% undervalued in downtown New York, compared to wireless spectrum in Manhattan – primarily due to the inability for TV to reach a mobile audience.

TV Spectrum in NY worth $5.18 /MHz
Airwavz TV antennas can potentially grow TV spectrum value by 300%. Our patented TV antennas extend TV to a global mobile audience.

How can increase your spectrum valuation so significantly?

We make “QuarterBack”, a portable, digital TV antenna for smartphone and tablets, that extends the reach of TV to a mobile audience, using legacy smartphones and tablets.

So, TV owners and smartphone users:

These are the 5 secrets that Wireless Carriers don’t want you to know about TV…

  1. Television is the only ultra-wide, ultra-fast, ultra-scalable wireless transport network available today in the U.S.A without a subscription
  2. 59 million Americans rely on free clear-to-air TV for daily news, weather, sports and entertainment (Source: NAB)
  3. Top 30 Nielsen ranked shows available on free TV
  4. Wireless carriers specifically purchasing TV spectrum for mobile video
  5. Unlike cellular networks, TV has unparalleled coverage across hundreds of miles, with the ultra-capacity to serve millions of consumers simultaneously within Net Neutrality principles

TV Broadcasters, keep your spectrum, and carry on.

What the Hell is Hyper-Precise?

You might be asking yourself why chose the tag line “Hyper-Precise Headline & Breaking News.” Well my friend, you’ve come to the right place.

What we know to be true, is that TIME is the only true unit of measure.  If you want proof, check out this brilliant scene from the movie Lucy, starring  Scarlett Johansson.  You see, without time, no change can occur and thus no measurement.

Hyper-Precise refers to the atomic clock, which is updated by radio signals. wants to answer our ultimate burning question; “What do I need to know about what is happening in the world right now?” Our newsline is all about real-time, context-aware, temporal information that creates meaning for us based on “now.”

8 Reasons why Hyper-Precise matters a lot to news junkies like us: 

  1. Data-driven decision making
  2. Uses consistent, normalized language
  3. Removes assumptions
  4. Reduces time waste
  5. Bottom-line problem solving
  6. Fact-based 
  7. Fast and efficient 
  8. Context-aware

Hyper-Precise helps us become an instant-expert. Soon you will see news-personalization on, meaning your news preferences will be highly customized and reflect your personal interests.

At you have a newsline that is not driven by your purchases, ad-tracking or click-bait.  Instead, we showcase news from around the world, by journalists and publishers who have the neutrality, skill, experience and credentials to deliver the best headline and breaking news – just for you.

And your opinion matters, so we encourage you to Sign Up and participate in the news you read on   Give it a Thumbs Up, or Thumbs Down to indicate if the journalist or publisher is trustworthy in your view.  Tag a story that you have a strong interest in, and see more stories like it appear in your timeline.  Or, put the story in your read-later list for when you have time to read and consider the source.

And long live Hyper-Precise.


Why We Love TV (and Why You Should Too!)

Last week the Who’s Who in Television Broadcasting gathered for the ATSC Conference on May 10 & 11 2016.  The event was held in the Reagan International Trade Center, adjacent to the White House.

Special thanks to Dave Arland for hosting the Consumer TV Products panel and giving a public forum to officially announce our first flagship portable, digital TV antenna and receiver for smartphones and tablets called “QuarterBack™”

Our message at the conference was simple: “We love TV, and you will love TV too once you experience QuarterBack on your smartphone” Why? Because QuarterBack makes getting TV on your mobile easy, fast, beautiful, satisfying, immersive and immediately gratifying.

I’ve worked in the wireless data industry and mobile device product development since 1995, and I’ve done extensive research on why TV spectrum has never been included in mobile devices.  Turns out not only had to solve a very hard scientific and technical hardware problem, we also need to solve a political problem.

The political problem is that our citizen right to access free over-the-air TV is under siege by wireless carriers and cable operators who are actively pressuring the federal government to take over TV spectrum.

What knows for certain is that the new ATSC 3.0 Mobile Digital TV standards in development will only be possible if TV Broadcasters operate and own their valuable UHF TV spectrum.  UHF is is critical for the ability of a mobile device to receive adequate signal strength indoors, maintain a connection while in motion, and have the proper power consumption controls. strongly opposes the FCC Incentive Auctions, and we encourage TV Broadcasters NOT to sell their spectrum back to the FCC.

Feel free to reach out to for more information about QuarterBack™, the FCC incentive auctions, the spectrum re-pack, or spectrum allocation for wireless carriers.

Our Mailing Address is

Airwavz Inc.
6947 Coal Creek Pkwy SE
Newcastle, WA 98059