What the Hell is Hyper-Precise?

You might be asking yourself why Airwavz.tv chose the tag line “Hyper-Precise Headline & Breaking News.” Well my friend, you’ve come to the right place.

What we know to be true, is that TIME is the only true unit of measure.  If you want proof, check out this brilliant scene from the movie Lucy, starring  Scarlett Johansson.  You see, without time, no change can occur and thus no measurement.

Hyper-Precise refers to the atomic clock, which is updated by radio signals.  Airwavz.tv wants to answer our ultimate burning question; “What do I need to know about what is happening in the world right now?” Our newsline is all about real-time, context-aware, temporal information that creates meaning for us based on “now.”

8 Reasons why Hyper-Precise matters a lot to news junkies like us: 

  1. Data-driven decision making
  2. Uses consistent, normalized language
  3. Removes assumptions
  4. Reduces time waste
  5. Bottom-line problem solving
  6. Fact-based 
  7. Fast and efficient 
  8. Context-aware

Hyper-Precise helps us become an instant-expert. Soon you will see news-personalization on Airwavz.tv, meaning your news preferences will be highly customized and reflect your personal interests.

At Airwavz.tv you have a newsline that is not driven by your purchases, ad-tracking or click-bait.  Instead, we showcase news from around the world, by journalists and publishers who have the neutrality, skill, experience and credentials to deliver the best headline and breaking news – just for you.

And your opinion matters, so we encourage you to Sign Up and participate in the news you read on Airwavz.tv.   Give it a Thumbs Up, or Thumbs Down to indicate if the journalist or publisher is trustworthy in your view.  Tag a story that you have a strong interest in, and see more stories like it appear in your timeline.  Or, put the story in your read-later list for when you have time to read and consider the source.

And long live Hyper-Precise.