Demystifying the Quarterback TV Antenna reached another milestone this week by unleashing Quarterback™ out on the innerweb.   You read that right – the innerweb.  What is Quarterback?  Why did we make it?  How does it work? How will it help you?

Let’s start with “What is Quarterback”?

Quarterback™ is a high tech smartphone case with a built in TV antenna that turns your smartphone into an instant television set.  It is also a luxury protective cover with a built-in DVR, and an easy ON/OFF button for quick access to ATSC TV, and auxiliary battery.

Why did you make Quarterback?


  • Wireless consumers are fed up paying for content x3.  How so?  To get premium wireless data content on your mobile you must:

1) Pay for all-you-can-eat data plan(s)
2) Pay for access to the app that manages the licensed content
3) Subsidize the invisible, duplicate, incessant malware bots, tracking cookies and click-bait advertising offered up by “freeware” sites.   

  • Citizens demand easy mobile access to TV programming that is already broadcast for free over the public airwaves
  • Valuable TV commercial airtime is purchased by our local retail stores and merchants, which are run by friends, family, and members of our community.    
  • All you need to pick up free TV is the right size antenna
  • High definition digital television quality is stunning and instantly captures your attention and imagination.
  • 80% of adult Americans rely on broadcast TV for breaking news, which are events that warrant the interruption of scheduled programming
  • We are the taxpayers subsidizing PBS programming – shouldn’t we be able to watch it whenever, wherever?

How does Quarterback work?

Television Broadcasters send TV signals for free over the air in a digital format, which allows Quarterback users to receive the TV signals on your very own private TV antenna without any monthly bills.

Ok, the Quarterback hardware is a lot more complicated, but you get the gist.   We’ll have tech specs in our FAQ soon.

How will Quarterback help me, and what is the real value?

+ Protects your smartphone in a unique, luxury styled case

+ Added battery capacity for double the TV viewing and extra smartphone      power

+ High definition TV picture quality

+ Does not need a subscription – in fact no SIM card is needed

+ You will discover dozens of TV channels that you didn’t even know              existed

+ Kickstand for upright viewing.  Look Ma, no hands!

+ Easy TV and Battery ON/OFF key

+ 90% of the most popular TV shows are available on free clear-to-air TV


+ Quarterback is a lifeline to communication when cellular and WiFi are        down.

We encourage you to Sign Up on Quarterback, so we can keep you posted when our crowdfunding campaign goes live (very soon).   In the meantime, check out the headlines breaking over on


Why We Love TV (and Why You Should Too!)

Last week the Who’s Who in Television Broadcasting gathered for the ATSC Conference on May 10 & 11 2016.  The event was held in the Reagan International Trade Center, adjacent to the White House.

Special thanks to Dave Arland for hosting the Consumer TV Products panel and giving a public forum to officially announce our first flagship portable, digital TV antenna and receiver for smartphones and tablets called “QuarterBack™”

Our message at the conference was simple: “We love TV, and you will love TV too once you experience QuarterBack on your smartphone” Why? Because QuarterBack makes getting TV on your mobile easy, fast, beautiful, satisfying, immersive and immediately gratifying.

I’ve worked in the wireless data industry and mobile device product development since 1995, and I’ve done extensive research on why TV spectrum has never been included in mobile devices.  Turns out not only had to solve a very hard scientific and technical hardware problem, we also need to solve a political problem.

The political problem is that our citizen right to access free over-the-air TV is under siege by wireless carriers and cable operators who are actively pressuring the federal government to take over TV spectrum.

What knows for certain is that the new ATSC 3.0 Mobile Digital TV standards in development will only be possible if TV Broadcasters operate and own their valuable UHF TV spectrum.  UHF is is critical for the ability of a mobile device to receive adequate signal strength indoors, maintain a connection while in motion, and have the proper power consumption controls. strongly opposes the FCC Incentive Auctions, and we encourage TV Broadcasters NOT to sell their spectrum back to the FCC.

Feel free to reach out to for more information about QuarterBack™, the FCC incentive auctions, the spectrum re-pack, or spectrum allocation for wireless carriers.

Our Mailing Address is

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