5 Secrets About TV that Wireless Carriers Don’t Want you to Know

The following is a Public Service Message to all Television Broadcasters:  


Now that we have your attention, please allow me to explain.

This week, the FCC incentive auctions kicked off.  The reverse incentive auctions are intended to COERCE Television Broadcasters to sell their crucial UHF spectrum back to the FCC, so that wireless carriers can buy this TV spectrum, and then MONETIZE what used to be free clear-to-air public TV.

What TV Broadcasters need to know, is that your TV spectrum is seriously undervalued.  What you may not know (yet) is that Airwavz.tv portable digital TV antennas can double, even triple your spectrum valuation.   We estimate that TV spectrum is 300% undervalued in downtown New York, compared to wireless spectrum in Manhattan – primarily due to the inability for TV to reach a mobile audience.

TV Spectrum in NY worth $5.18 /MHz
Airwavz TV antennas can potentially grow TV spectrum value by 300%. Our patented TV antennas extend TV to a global mobile audience.

How can Airwav.tv increase your spectrum valuation so significantly?

We make “QuarterBack”, a portable, digital TV antenna for smartphone and tablets, that extends the reach of TV to a mobile audience, using legacy smartphones and tablets.

So, TV owners and smartphone users:

These are the 5 secrets that Wireless Carriers don’t want you to know about TV…

  1. Television is the only ultra-wide, ultra-fast, ultra-scalable wireless transport network available today in the U.S.A without a subscription
  2. 59 million Americans rely on free clear-to-air TV for daily news, weather, sports and entertainment (Source: NAB)
  3. Top 30 Nielsen ranked shows available on free TV
  4. Wireless carriers specifically purchasing TV spectrum for mobile video
  5. Unlike cellular networks, TV has unparalleled coverage across hundreds of miles, with the ultra-capacity to serve millions of consumers simultaneously within Net Neutrality principles

TV Broadcasters, keep your spectrum, and carry on.